Flexprinter BVBA is a private owned and independent packaging printing company, founded by Michaël Thorrez. Most importantly Flexprinter specialises in short and long runs, fast turnaround production and excellent quality. As a result a faster speed to market will be achieved.

Flexprinter invested in a brand new performant 9 colour Flexo UV Led Press. With this ultra dynamic press, we can add different finishings to your packaging products, such as: solvent less lamination, food approved water based & uv coatings. In addition Flexprinter is also capable to applicate inline lamination to your packaging with glossy, matte or bio degradable top layer.

Lamination has unseen possibilities in customising your packaging; for functional barrier purposes or to optimise touch, look and feel of your product.

Flexprinter creates the opportunity to reduce lead time of your order starting from file delivery.

Our products

Flexprinter offers a large scale of specifications which result in extreme flexibility, to fullfill the needs in many different markets. From excellent barrier properties to optimise your process speed. Our experts can advise you to choose the best possible specifications for your packaging product.

You can give your product that extra “appeal” on the shelf by choosing out of our large range of metallized, transparant and white foils.

We aim for excellent quality, fast speed to market and durable support. Flexprinter guarantees you higher printing quality and service.

Michaël Thorrez


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