Our innovative way of printing.

UV Flexo LED technology gives us the oppurtunity to guarantee the best quality in flexo printing. When printing on plastics, ink adhesion is a crucial parameter, which in LED curing is optimal by drying the ink from the substrate through the surface of the ink layer.

Led technology is efficient and ecological friendly. One of the benefits for example: power consumption is about one thirth of standard curing installations.

Raw materials – like inks, varnishes, adhesives – are accredited following the European legislations and suitable to use in different market segments such as food and non food sectors.

Our performant state of the art machinery can print up to 10.000 m2/h just to give an idea of the performance of the printing installations.

Extended Gamut Printing

We print a large scale of colours.

Beside our excellent traditional CMYK+pantone printing technology, we can offer extended gamut 7 color printing technology (CMYK+orange, green, violet). This results in short turnaround poduction, less startup time, less color mixing, less material waste and suitable when combination of different SKU’s on one printing sheet is possible.
Flexprinter can reproduce all your desired colors with this revolutionary technique and can reproduce 90% of the Pantone color gamut.

heptachrome extended gamut printing flexprinter CMYKOGV

Environmental friendly & ecologic production.

We take care of our planet and with this technology we can produce environmental friendly. These are the benefits:

less CO2 emission
less waste
energy saving production
ozone free process

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